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Title: I Know My Name

Author: C. J. Cooke

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: January 16, 2018

Page Count: 385

My rating: 5 stars

About the book:

A woman with no name. A wild, abandoned island. A family desperate for answers. A debut thriller like no other.


On a small Greek island, a woman comes ashore with no memory of who she is, where she’s from, or how she came to be shipwrecked there. Worse, she has no way of leaving. As she’s nursed back to health by the island’s only inhabitants, four friends on an annual retreat, she detects tensions between the group that suggest not all is quite as it seems. Her new acquaintances each appear to be hiding something–something that may relate to the mystery of her identity.

Meanwhile, in a pretty suburb on the outskirts of London, Eloise, the mother of a newborn and a toddler, vanishes into thin air. Her husband, Lochlan, is desperate to find her–but as the police look into the disappearance, it becomes clear that Lochlan and Eloise’s marriage was not the perfect union it appeared.

As Lochlan races to discover his wife’s whereabouts, Eloise enacts an investigation of her own. What both discover will place lives at risk and upend everything they thought they knew about their marriage, their past, and what lies in store for the future.

My review:

I Know My Name by C. J. Cooke is a psychological thriller that had my attention from the opening pages. A woman is rescued on a remote island when her boat crashed by a group of four writers on their annual retreat. With no memory of who she is or how she came to be on the island the woman wants nothing more than to contact the authorities and find her identity but there is no way to leave the island.

In the next chapter readers are introduced to Lochlan who gets a phone call that his wife is missing leaving their young children alone. With his world falling apart after that phone call Locklan is frantic to find out what happened to his wife, Eloise. With police and family called the search begins for the young mother who has left her young children and husband behind.

The point of view during the story switches mainly between our mystery woman on the island with whom we assume is the missing Eloise and her husband, Lochlan, who is frantic to find what happened to his wife. There are also chapters that take a reader back in time to learn of Eloise’s past intertwined within what is going on in the current story. Everything is very easy to follow along with all throughout the book when switching and flowed very well keeping me on the edge of my seat as I tried to piece together what the outcome would be.

I Know My Name is a debut novel for C. J. Cooke but I would never have been able to guess that fact. The story was very well done and pulled me in immediately with the tension building from the opening pages. The setting on the island was a wonderful one that I could clearly picture and the characters were very well developed. The ending is not necessarily a new one to those that read a lot of thrillers but it was done rather well and it really seemed the author did a lot of research to make it flow smoothly. Great read and I’ll definitely look forward for more to come from this author.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

C.J. Cooke is a creative writing professor at Glasgow University. I KNOW MY NAME is her debut psychological thriller. She lives and writes on the coast of England.


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