Blaze by Sierra Cross blitz with giveaway

Sierra Cross
(Spelldrift: Coven of Fire, #4)
Publication date: December 13th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

The demon is still out there.

Tenebris—the monster who killed my parents, violated my mind, and destroyed my coven sister Callie—has gone into deep hiding. I won’t rest until I find him and personally take him down.

Luckily the vampires have a bead on him, and they want me along for the demon-hunting ride. But with his brand new skinsuit and the magic amulet he stole from a witch, Tenebris is more powerful than ever. I’m not dumb enough to go up against my mortal enemy without the Coven of Fire at my side. The vampires, however, flat-out refuse to let my “non-traditional” coven in on the job. It seems that no one in the magicborn community respects us, no matter how many lives we save or how many sacrifices we make.

Callie was one sacrifice too many.

So screw the vampires. Forget working within a system that won’t accept us. Matt, Asher, Liv, and I may be misfits, but we’re a coven. And our coven is not complete without Callie. Somehow, we’ve got to track her down and find a way to save her. Then, we’re going to avenge our loved ones and take down Tenebris once and for all…but we’ll do it as a coven. As a family. One witch for all and all for one, no magicborn left behind.

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“I’m sorry, Director,” I said. “Something’s come up. I’m afraid I can’t get on that plane.”

Bonaventura spun and sucked in a breath in that almost soundless way only a vampire could. He’d already thought I was a flaky amateur, now he probably thought I was a nutcase. Even Matt and Asher were looking at me like I’d lost my mind. I could really see how it might look that way.

Didn’t matter. Callie was my coven sister, and she needed us to save her. Family first.

“So am I to understand,” Bonaventura’s voice dripped with condescension, “that after begging me to help with the amulet, insisting you be present when Tenebris is killed, you’re now refusing to accompany me?”

“Believe me, if it weren’t absolutely necessary, I wouldn’t do this.” My magic was begging to come to my fingertips. But starting a brawl with a vampire seemed like one of those “poor life choices” they’d warned me about in middle school.

Bonaventura composed himself with a smooth exhalation, then turned to Liv. “I suppose you’ll have to do.” Another finger-snap. “Let’s go.”

“It’s a coven matter that has come up,” Liv said. “None of us can go.”

“We’ll send you the deactivation spell,” I said, not caring in the least that I was giving up the only leverage we had with the Director.

If Bonaventura could’ve killed me with a look, I’d be bleeding out right now. I’d seen what he’d done to Wes, his own son. I got the feeling he was picturing doing worse to me. “Not an option, Ms. Hill.” The terminal dropped ten degrees in an instant. “One of you two witches will board the plane. Or I will release you from your pitiful existence.”

Strange what a difference a little blood could make. More than scaring me, those words hurt. I’d disappointed him. I took a deep breath and shrugged off his compulsion. Vampire mind tricks aside, I owed no loyalty to Bonaventura. And as badly as I wanted to take Tenebris down, I needed to do this more. “If you want to try,” I said, “have at it.”

Matt, Liv, and Asher had already flanked me, ready to fight at my side even if they didn’t fully understand. Bonaventura’s crew did the same for him. The Director narrowed his eyes, looking at each of us in turn. I couldn’t decipher the calculations he was making behind those ice blue eyes. “Know this, witch—and this goes for your whole coven—when our paths cross again it will not be a friendly encounter.”

My heart was racing. Did I really want to make the director of the Council Suprema my enemy? But what choice did I have? We had to follow up on that phone call. We had

to find my coven sister. “If that’s how you want to play it.” I hoped there’d be a way to make things right with Bonaventura later.

The Director turned on his heel and all the other vampires followed suit. I watched as they disappeared through the gate door.

“Alix, luv.” Asher turned to me, his voice sweet as saccharine. “Be so kind as to tell me why I just voluntarily incurred the wrath of the one of most powerful vampires in the northern hemisphere?”

Author Bio:

Spells and skyscrapers. Warriors and warlocks. Coven secrets and forbidden romances. Sierra Cross lives for urban fantasy, for modern magic and the bold supernatural beings who stalk our contemporary world. Her Spelldrift universe stars kickass witches and their heroic guardians, as well as vampires, shifters, mages, Fidei, and the dark demonic forces that threaten them all.

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      • Thanks girl and good luck to you as well if you entered!😄 I have a random question. What kind of ereader do you use? It must be reliable with how much you read. I have the Kindle HD 8 I think I am saying that right because there was a big sale and it was only like 48 and had a gift card at the time and Im rambling on. Lol but anyways I got the protection plan but which one do you use or recommend?

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          • Awesomeness. I know some people use those paperwhites or something like that and it seems like too much money and you can’t even go on the internet. I just got a kindle a couple months ago before that I was strictly print books. I love sales and shit. Lol. I got a gift card for my birthday and didn’t know what to use it on for months and saw the sale and was like I’m running out of space and this NetGalley thing sounds awesome so made the switch. That’s great it’s been good to you this long. I had to add protection to mine because my kids be acting crazy sometimes! Lol. They are sneaky and will end up running off with it. One time they ordered a book that was about “finding your inner sex goddess” or something like that. Darn having a one year old and that one click option!😂😂😂

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            • Ouch, I’d have it locked at all times since it’s too easy to click and buy things. Heck I worry I’m going to accidentally click. LOL But no, I didn’t like the paperwhite type of ereaders because they don’t light up either and I do a lot of my reading either in bed with lights off so I don’t have to get back up and turn anything off and can finally roll over and sleep when I quit that one more chapter stuff. LOL

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              • I do a lot of reading in bed as well and I noticed you can’t do much other stuff with it either… Hmmm. I don’t know why people spend so much more money. The only benefits I have seen is the battery life and its supposedly better on your eyes but how can we really trust that. Lol. My son had a tablet, well both of my older ones do but his wouldn’t stay charged long and this morning I was doing last minute Christmas shopping😰 and found on Amazon a completely great condition refurbished from Amazon 7 inch 5th generation kindle fire only 23$ with tax! I was like sweet!!! So he’s going to love that one. At least I think, okay I’m rambling again to get to my point. Do you know if the kindle is pretty compatible with games and all that good stuff. I think I read it pretty much offers the same as regular android tablets but wasn’t sure because I don’t play any games or anything. I’m not cool like that.

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                • Well I don’t personally play games on it but you can download apps just like you can on a regular tablet so I assume they work the same way. Personally I think the battery does fine too, usually doesn’t take long at all to charge it when you need to and lasts quite a while with it on. Like I said though my choice was always for the light and being able to read it in the dark, used to use my phone before picking this one up.

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