The Volk Advent by Kristen Joy Wilks #bookreview


Title: The Volk Advent

Author: Kristen Joy Wilks

Publisher: Pelican Book Group

Publication Date: December 1, 2015

Page Count: 108

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

An orphaned Siberian teen loses her job and home on Christmas Eve. Left on the streets to freeze, Faina flees to an abandoned castle for shelter. At the castle, she discovers the animal-torn body of a local recluse. No wonder Eurasian wolves are not recommended for the first-time pet owner. Can a girl with no past, preserve her future from accusations of murderer and a pack of escaped wolves?

My review:

The Volk Advent by Kristen Joy Wilks is a fairly short read at just over a hundred pages but within those pages the author did a wonderful job bringing the setting of Siberia to life. The story is a bit of a mystery mixed with a tad bit of romance with a lot of action set just before Christmastime. This one takes a reader to this bone chillingly cold setting and sets the stage by including a lot of different things that felt real to that area.

A young orphan girl loses her job which sets her on quite an adventure filled with very high stakes. Finding a body that has been ravaged by wolves it becomes apparent that something else had happened to cause the death but only to find out just who is behind it all.

There were a few things in the story that I’m not sure I was a huge fan of being included though which led me to rate a bit lower. And of course with the length of this one everything is a bit rushed through to fit the story into a novella length read so as usual I wonder how it would work if expanded and given more depth. But overall I think the setting alone was worth the read.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Kristen Joy Wilks is the wife of a Camp Director and board game enthusiast, the mother of three fierce boys, and the owner of a large and slobbery dog. She spends her time preventing her hubby from filling another wall of their dining room with board games, thwarting her 3 boys’ efforts to sneak their pet chickens onto their bunk beds whenever she turns her back to fold laundry, and trying not to trip over the throng of random teenagers that swarm her house to play all those board games. Kristen can be found tucked under a tattered quilt in an overstuffed chair at 4:00am writing a wide variety of dramatic tales or at


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