The Christmas List by Dixie Jo Jarchow #bookreview #romance


Title: The Christmas List

Author: Dixie Jo Jarchow

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Publication Date: December 1, 2017

Page Count: 52

My rating: 2 stars

About the book:

Mandy believes everything can be made better by making a list—including choosing a husband. Lists make everything clear and easy. Lists keep all the pluses and minuses of life in their own neat little columns with no room for surprises…and the key to happiness is structure and avoiding surprises. Max is a free spirit with a God-given gift for sculpture. If he’s ever made a list, it was by mistake. He insists the key to happiness is to let God take the reins of his life.When Max lands a huge project, and employs Mandy to handle his business’s accounting, she struggles to accept that God can keep all her checks in balance. This December, can Max learn that sometimes a little structure is a good thing? And can Mandy relax enough to enjoy the holidays and actually fall in love, or will she firmly stick to The Christmas List?

My review:

The Christmas List by Dixie Jo Jarchow is a very short christian romance read. I’d like to say it was a problem with the book being so short that has my rating dipping down so much but I found a few other things with this one too.

First, with a title that includes “Christmas” I would expect more than the author simply saying it will be Christmas soon. It was a bit disappointing that the story didn’t focus a bit more on the holiday. I would almost even forget the time of year with the focus on work in this one.

Now for the relationship, it’s one that you blink and it moves into the I love you territory which Ok the book is short so it needed to move quickly but I just didn’t see it myself. Max seemed rather flighty so I didn’t get the appeal to sitting around waiting for him to visit and being all goo goo over a man Mandy barely knew, this lost the strong business woman characterization that the author had tried to establish. Unfortunately when it was all said and done with this one it just wasn’t for me.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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