A Chance This Christmas (Road to Romance Book 3) by Joanne Rock

A Chance This Christmas (Road to Romance Book 3)A Chance This Christmas by Joanne Rock
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rachel Chambers left her Christmas crazed hometown of Yuletide eight years before when she was surrounded in a family scandal and felt quite unwelcome in the town. Her father had run off with the town’s funds and left she and her mother behind shouldering the blame from angry residents. Now however Rachel feels it’s time to mend the fences and return home for her friend’s wedding.

What Rachel didn’t count on though when returning to Yuletide was running into Gavin Blake who she had thought was away snowboarding. Rachel and Gavin also have a shaky past that gives those in the town yet another reason to dislike Rachel’s return. Gavin however believes it’s time to put the past behind them all and vows to help smooth Rachel’s way back into the town’s good graces.

A Chance This Christmas by Joanne Rock is the third book in the contemporary romance series Road to Romance. Each book in the series features a different couple coming together with the theme of making up for mistakes in the past. With each read holding different main characters they of course can all be read fine as a standalone book if one chooses to do so.

For me this one was an alright romance read with Rachel and Gavin both likable characters and certainly and interesting setting with a town completely obsessed with Christmas. I’d probably think enough is enough with the decorations and celebrating each spring or so but hey it’s cute to read about though.

The one thing I wasn’t quite a fan of in here though was the fact that Rachel was ever an outcast to begin with… neither of the reasoning given were totally her fault, especially her father’s actions which she really had nothing to do with since she and her mother were abandoned too so I kind of thought the set up was slightly lacking there for all the hate she was receiving when returning. But otherwise it’s a nice little quick read Christmas romance.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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