Christmas in London by Anita Hughes

Christmas in LondonChristmas in London by Anita Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Louisa Graham is working twelve hour shifts at a bakery in Manhattan the week before Christmas when the assistant for a cooking show barges in after closing and insists he needs to buy the freshly baked rolls that Louisa had just finished to sale the next morning. Since she is just the baker Louisa insists he go elsewhere but when offered free publicity for the bakery on a popular cooking show she relents and sells the rolls. The next day the assistant returns claiming the rolls were a hit but the star of the show was allergic and now he wants Louisa to replace her on the already scheduled trip to London to film a Christmas Eve Dinner TV special at Claridge’s.

Once in London Louisa finds herself getting closer and closer to the show’s assistant that got her involved in the life of a television star but she also has the chance to work with her cooking idol Digby Bunting. Meanwhile, the show’s producer, Kate, has run into the man she left behind after she left St. Andrew’s in Scotland ten years ago and finds that now he’s a successful mathematician and newly divorced and the spark is definitely still there between the two even after all this time has passed.

Christmas in London is the third book I’ve read by Anita Hughes and my first thought when picking up her books is always being so impressed with how well she does with her settings in her books. As a reader that loves to travel but certainly doesn’t get the chance to do that anywhere near what I wish that I could it’s always such a thrill when reading when I feel like I could climb right into the book and step out in the area the story is set in. This time along with the setting being wonderful and feeling as if I was sightseeing London along with the character Anita has also made this one that the foodies will certainly enjoy bringing flavor to the pages with all the cooking talk in the book.

Another positive with this story was the fact that the reader got the bonus of two developing relationship at the same time. The point of view switched back and forth to establish both relationship and was rather easy to follow along. Having not one but two relationships forming at Christmastime made for quite the lovely read although personally I might have preferred a bit less controversy and drama within both but for some reason that seems to be the norm for romance stories, a bit of angst before the happily ever after. But regardless this was a nice story with a great setting as usual in an Anita Hughes book and I’ll be looking forward to picking up more of her stories in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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