Sweet Dreams Baby (Love at the Chocolate Shop Book 12) by C.J. Carmichael

Sweet Dreams Baby (Love at the Chocolate Shop Book 12)Sweet Dreams Baby by C.J. Carmichael
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Portia Bishop had returned home to Marietta, MT about a year ago having dropped out of college and obviously running from something upsetting in her life. Shortly after arriving in Marietta Portia finds out that she is pregnant but refuses to talk to any of her friends or family about who the father is or just why she returned home. Taking a job in Sage’s Copper Mountain Chocolate shop Portia kept her secrets to herself and gave birth to a beautiful baby.

Now Portia has realized that she needs to make contact with the baby’s father so she decides to send him a letter letting him know where she is and that she is ready to talk. Austin Bradshaw has since graduated from college but is still riding in the rodeo circuit not having decided on a career just yet when he receives the letter from Portia. Austin is still very much in love with Portia but is in for quite a shock when he arrives and finds that she hasn’t told him about his baby.

Sweet Dreams Baby by C.J. Carmichael is the twelfth and final book to the Love at the Chocolate Shop series written by various authors. Each book in the series has featured a separate couple and can be read as a standalone although for readers that have followed the series there is always little updates of previous characters from the stories and the charm of the small town of Marietta can be found throughout the series.

Finally after following this series since the very beginning I was awarded with the answers to the biggest mystery in Marietta, just what Portia’s story was when she returned to town. All I can say now that her story has finally been told is that is was well worth the wait and a beautiful ending to a wonderful series. Portia and Austin made an awesome couple to round out the series being that they had a history and can now build and grow together.

This particular edition also had a ton of wonderful updates all throughout of previous characters and Sage was featured quite a bit with what is going on with the chocolate shop I’d grown to love over the past twelve reads. Portia and Austin also got involved in another Marietta event that brings out the small town charm and shows just how this town pulls together. And for the fans of the entire series there is an epilogue to finish off this twelfth book that just made such a wonderful end. Definitely recommend this series to any fan of more clean romance reads full of small town charm.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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