Donna (The Girls of Spindrift #2) by V.C. Andrews


Donna (The Girls of Spindrift)Donna by V.C. Andrews
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Donna is a high school student has always had it a bit difficult being different from her peers since she has a Latino father and Irish mother. Add to the things for the other kids to hold against her Donna is also very gifted being smarter than all of the other kids and most adults.

Donna has never fit in and often gets blamed for all that goes wrong but she’s taken upon herself to try at least to join in with the other kids her age. Donna’s attempt at being a normal teenager however turns into disaster when a fight breaks out and it’s her word against the others as to what happened.

Donna is the second book in the Girls of Spindrift series by V.C. Andrews. The series is a set of novellas that are prequels to the book Bittersweet Dreams which has already been published. I have not yet read Bittersweet Dreams myself but I don’t believe it would necessary to have done so to understand this novella, it seems to be mainly some character building for what would be coming in Bittersweet Dreams.

As with the first novella in this series Donna’s story seemed to be rushed through to fit into novella length leading me to wish the stories would be a bit longer and more detailed to get to know the characters. I suppose these fit as an OK introduction to characters that will be expanded on in the later book but the stories seem to jump into the event that sends the girls to leave for the school awfully quickly which leaves me wanting more into their lives and who they are.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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    • Truth be told the majority of the time I complain about Neiderman’s books since he took over her work but I can’t help but click when I see them on Netgalley, call it nostagia from the early days when I loved them. LOL I will say though the Mirror Sisters series started off really well and looking forward to reading more in that one so not everything he’s written I’ve complained about. 🙂

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      • Ah yes, probably close to thirty years or so now which I’ve also found a bit weird since she passed away so long ago. I guess though she had tons of unfinished work that the family hired to be completed so who knows how many more years of books there will be. I haven’t read any where near all of the books but of the most recent the Mirror Sisters is the one I’d recommend, two have been released and a third should be coming soon in that series. A few I’ve read though were just ugh too though. LOL

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