Bone White by Ronald Malfi

Bone WhiteBone White by Ronald Malfi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the remote little town of Dreads Hand, Alaska a man walks into the local diner covered in blood and obviously not having bathed in weeks or months even. One of the locals recognizes the man as old Joe Mallory who hasn’t been seen for quite a while in the small town. Joe shocks the others claiming he needs the local law called as he has killed people.

Seeing the story of old Joe Mallory turning himself in on the news and the police finding numerous unidentified bodies Paul Gallo knows he needs to travel to Dreads Hand and see if he can get news on his twin brother who he hasn’t heard from. When Paul arrives in the strange little town he can’t seem to get the answers he needs with everyone seeming to be covering something up.

Picking up Bone White by Ronald Malfi I knew that one thing I could expect and would be rewarded with is the creepiness he’s known for. The story did not disappoint in that regard as he brought this weird little remote town to life with some sketchy residents and creepy town stories.

I did however find this a bit slow paced for my taste as really the entire book is the lead up to finally finding out what sort of strangeness had been haunting the pages. I also preferred Paul’s point of view a bit more than when it switched at times in the story. I suppose that is because Paul seemed like the normal person in the creepy little town though. As usual though with this author I did enjoy the book when all was said and done.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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