All the Stars Left Behind by Ashley Graham


All the Stars Left BehindAll the Stars Left Behind by Ashley Graham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Leda Lindgren has recently lost her father with whom she’d been very close to her whole life and with a mother that is never there Leda finds herself being relocated to Arctic Norway with a grandmother and uncle. Leda also suffers from spina bifida and uses crutches to get around due to her failing muscles which doesn’t make the move and meeting new people any easier for her.

However when Leda meets her uncle’s gorgeous assistant, Roar, she finds a strange pull towards him with things happening that Leda just can’t explain. What Leda never expected was to find that there’s an alien world that she is at the center of that she’d never known existed even though her father seemed to be grooming her for this day all her life in his secretive way.

There were some things I really enjoyed with All the Stars Left Behind but unfortunately there are also others that were not so great. The story felt very creative just starting off in Norway giving it a foreign feel which was nice change of pace along with having a main character with a disability seemed a bit out of the norm. Also the different versions of aliens and a plot of a takeover and needing to find a weapon to save a whole alien race was quite intriguing.

However, the book also follows the normal young adult tropes of the characters falling instantly in love without much reasoning or build up to it. Along with our main female character being special without knowing it her whole life. Now those things would not normally stand out as much if worked into a story well but that would be my major complaint with this read… the story often felt a bit jumpy and a bit all over the place. It keeps a fairly fast pace all throughout but maybe that is a bit of a downfall here as it really could have used a bit more explanation and focus in parts. In the end I just found this one an alright read that had potential to be better.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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