Turn Me Loose (Alpha Ops, #6) by Anne Calhoun


Turn Me Loose (Alpha Ops, #6)Turn Me Loose by Anne Calhoun
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When Riva Henneman was eighteen she was busted for selling drugs by Officer Ian Hawthorn and given the option to avoid jail time by becoming a confidential informant. What Riva never revealed at that time was that she was really working for her father who turned his back on her after her arrest. With long nights together the two grew an attraction but neither acted upon it.

Now Riva has straightened out her life and runs her own restaurant using farm fresh ingredients she mostly grows herself. Also Riva is trying to work with the youth of the community giving them an opportunity for better lives. But when Ian Hawthorn walks into her restaurant she finds herself again extremely attracted to him and again trying to make a deal with him to save one of the kids working with her.

Turn Me Loose is the sixth book in the Alpha Ops series by Anne Calhoun. Each book in the series features a different couple so it is not necessary to have read the prior books in the series to enjoy this one. The male characters in the series each have some sort of military background in the stories tying the series together.

For me this edition to the series rates at about 3.5 stars. I found the couple to be alright but they also didn’t really grab me and make me fall in love with their story the way I’d like to rate a bit higher. I kind of questioned what exactly had changed that made it alright to pursue a relationship now when it wasn’t when they worked together before. Riva really was still going to be in danger trying to get the evidence needed but this time was also a lot more personal for her so it still seemed to be a stop sign to starting something between them. However if overlooking that dynamic the writing is still good turning it into an ok romance read.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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