Be My Killer by Richard Parker

Be My KillerBe My Killer by Richard Parker
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When an online Twitter prank turns into real life murder it hits a little too close for documentary maker Hazel Salter. The latest murder victim is an old friend of Hazel’s which sparks her to gather her film crew and head back to the small town she’d left twenty years before to find out more about her old friend’s murder.

The victims of what may be a serial killer have all tweeted the @BeMyKiller account with the hashtag of #bemykiller and have been murdered in ways similar to their tweets. The police have no leads and have been trying to rule out multiple killers or find whether it’s the work of one person. When Hazel and her crew arrive and begin filming though more victims turn up missing.

Be My Killer by Richard Parker had an interesting concept that immediately appealed to me seeing today’s society is so heavily focused on social media. I could honestly see this story hitting the headlines and was rather interested in how the author would go about bringing the story together and just how it would unfold.

Unfortunately though this one did not live up to my expectations mainly due to it having just so many characters involved that I never felt I got to where I got close to any of them. The book is just under 400 pages and has around 130 chapters. The story felt like it was jumping from on thing to another in the beginning that I almost wanted to start taking notes on who was who with each chapter bringing in more people and situations to keep track of.

Also, I have to note that while it didn’t particularly bother me as a reader this one held a lot of really gruesome scenes in it so I’m not sure that would be for every reader either. While it didn’t bother me to be overly descriptive to the point of plain grossness sometimes I did think this was written in to grab attention since the characters and plot were on the dull side in my opinion. Of course I did pick this one up due to seeing some very good reviews so perhaps it just wasn’t my cup of tea and others will really enjoy it.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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