The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1) by Kate M. Colby

The Cogsmith's Daughter (Desertera #1)The Cogsmith’s Daughter by Kate M. Colby
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Aya Cogsmith was the daughter of the last cogsmith in King Archon’s kingdom but when her father failed to make a repair at the request of the king he was sentenced to death. Losing her father Aya was subjected to turning to selling her body to survive even at her young age. But now years later Aya is approached by Lord Varick with a scheme for them both to obtain revenge against King Archon.

Lord Varick’s daughter had been the previous wife of King Archon but she was also ordered to be executed on the grounds of adultery as were the King’s previous wives. Varick has now decided that Aya is the perfect person who through her profession could seduce the King and turn the tables upon him to get revenge for the both of them.

The Cogsmith’s Daughter is the first book in the Desertera series by Kate M. Colby. The world building within this one was rather interesting, a sort of mix between a steampunk and dystopian read. There had been an apocalyptic flood that had caused the water in the land to dry up so the survivors had moored their steamship in a wasteland they named Desertera but now the King ruling the land has become a tyrant.

With the story within the book I found that some things were rather predictable in nature when it seemed like it should have been a surprise. I also found Aya a bit all over the place as a character, she was incredibly naive even with how she had spent her time since her father’s death making her seem younger than she should. The story started feeling more of a young adult type of read due to Aya but with the sexual situations involved even though not overly graphic it still is definitely not young adult so it all felt a bit off at times to me.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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  1. I came so close to requesting this, but I held back at the last minute. Now I’m glad I was successful for a change in exerting some self control!💁🏻

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    • It’s not bad really, just not really a stand out read either in my opinion. I just had to keep reminding myself Aya wasn’t still 13 like she was when she originally lost her father. She just kept feeling young to me which didn’t fit the story at all.

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      • Yep! I think we’ve both said multiple times that these “meh” reviews are the hardest. I think I’m just too loaded down with books right now to add one with an immature MC.

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        • Very true. I’m trying to get myself caught up a bit. I have a bunch that I was approved for after release so I kept putting them to the side but trying to get them done. I’m still a bit worried about the new year hitting that I’m going to end up with a massive requesting spree here soon as the publishers get back to work after the holidays. LOL

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              • There mainly just one that I’m dying to get a hold of. The second book in the Library Jumpers series. I loved the first one so…

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                • I didn’t request that one since I hadn’t read the first but I’ve heard the series is pretty good. I know I clicked a couple others on that mail but I really couldn’t even tell you what at this point so I guess I won’t be too disappointed if they never show up. Surprised though because they were always so good at getting them out immediately before.

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