Star Struck by Meredith Michelle

Star StruckStar Struck by Meredith Michelle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Star Struck is a book with a bit of a twist that let’s the reader control what happens in the story. For anyone that may remember the choose your own adventure type of books for children this story is done much the same way that while you get to the end of a section you are given a choice as to what your character will do next in the story. This leads the book to have several different scenarios that could potentially take place based on the readers choices so even having read through once you could go back and make different choices and read a completely different story.

In Star Struck the reader is Anna Chambliss, a beautiful Hollywood actress engaged to a gorgeous Hollywood star but things are not quite perfect in Anna’s world. Everything in the story depends on the choices the reader makes for Anna and her future happiness all depend on what is chosen and who is chosen to do it with.

I have to admit that my main attraction to this book was a fond remembrance of the choose your own adventure books as a child. This story is definitely not for children though and if judging simply on the story within the book I may not have been a huge fan but with the picking the action as I went along it became a fun read in that regard. The story on it’s own however is a bit simple as far as what is going on, Hollywood star living a scandalous type of life but changing things here and there made it a fun read.

Overall, a naughty way to remember your childhood reading adventures with a simple story line but fun to pick and choose what the character would do.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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