Lady Lost (The Lost Heiresses, #3) by Jane Goodger

Lady Lost (The Lost Heiresses, #3)Lady Lost by Jane Goodger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marcus Granton only wants to be left alone after the death of his wife while she was in another man’s bed. Living only with the company of his maid he doesn’t enjoy company so when he comes across an injured woman knowing he can’t very well leave her his plans are to only let her stay until she’s healed then send her on her way.

Lady Lilian Martin was on the run after being accused of a murder she didn’t commit so when she wakes in Marcus’s home she’s immediately worried he’ll find out who she is and turn her in. On top of Lady Lilian being thrust into Marcus’s life a woman shows up with a small child that she claims was the daughter of Marcus’s deceased wife. Now with a house full all Marcus wants is his peace and solitude returned.

Lady Lost is the third book of the Lost Heiresses series by Jane Goodger. I’ve read all three books of the series now and each are fine to be read as a standalone novel as they all feature a new couple and situation. In my opinion each book in this series has gotten a bit better as they come along.

With Lady Lost we have a mix of a historical romance with the settings and characters seeming true to their time but now there’s the mix of a murder involved in the plot. This one was interesting to say the least having Lady Lilian on the run from what she claimed she didn’t do but was accused of plus the added plot twist of having a young girl to bring this couple together as a family.

Overall, another nice addition to the series of historical romances.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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