The Form of Things Unknown by Robin Bridges

The Form of Things UnknownThe Form of Things Unknown by Robin Bridges
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Natalie Roman just wants her life to return to normal after her brief time in a psych ward. Her ex had given her drugs and that was a bad combination with the mental history problems in her family. Now she maintains her meds and wants to put it all past her and start fresh after her family moves to Savannah, Georgia to care for her grandmother.

Natalie’s brother talks her into auditioning for a play over the summer where she manages to get cast in a good part and make a few friends. Along with getting to know a few of the local girls though Natalie finds that a boy from the psych ward is also involved in the play and she hopes he doesn’t spill her secret.

The Form of Things Unknown covers a lot of different things but mostly it centers around mental health as the story focuses on Natalie’s struggles with her own sanity when she thinks she begins seeing things. It’s touching to see her questioning everything around her after what she had been through but I still had a few issues with this one.

Mainly I’d say what brought this one down a bit for me was the fact that even though I know Natalie wants to be a “normal” teen while managing her health I was a bit put off when she immediately begins drinking and doing other things with the new friends. The ex is so horrible for giving her drugs but her she is falling into the same traps again.

Also, the ending to this one seemed a bit rushed once you find out what had been going on all summer. Sort of a here’s the big reveal you can stop caring about these characters now moment instead of a nice steady wrap up.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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