Defective (Outcast #1) by B. Austin

Defective (Outcast #1)Defective by B. Austin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By the year 2050 medical technology is so advanced that people could now live forever so the twenty years following it became a mission to clean up the Earth so everyone could live in harmony. By 2073 weapons and crime are a thing of the past, the planet is clean, the air pure and society is peaceful and living in perfect harmony. Society is ruled by one government known as the Commonwealth who are in charge of the commoners.

The one exception to the perfect world in this time is a group known as the Outcasts. Young adults who just don’t want to conform to society’s rules. Outcasts have taken to the underground in the city to be who they want to be but some of them have been taken and when they return they become one of the perfectionists in the society no longer resembling their former selves. When one of these Outcasts, Kiara, turns up missing her boyfriend Dante is determined to find out where she is and what has happened to her.

Starting off reading Defective it strongly reminded me of the movie Demolition Man which was about a society with no crime set in the future. This book however focuses on the group of teens that are rebelling against living in this society so it completely took on a life of it’s own as soon as it started.

I have to say if any complaints with this it would be that it is a novella so with it being short it could have always used a bit more expansion to the story and characters to really make it great. But there was enough here that I really enjoyed this start to the series. Such an interesting take on what a future society could be. Lots of little added things throughout to bring you into this futuristic world.

Overall, a very imaginative beginning, I’m definitely interested in seeing where the author takes this series. A bit of a surprise at the end of this one I wasn’t expecting so I’m curious as to where this will all go.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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