The V Girl by Mya Robarts

The V GirlThe V Girl by Mya Robarts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The V Girl takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of North America where war has taken over and the soldiers are given drugs to make them stronger. Rape and sexual slavery are legal and the super soldiers often take women to do with as they wish. Lila Velez desperately wants to lose her virginity before the troops come to her town and it’s taken by force.

Lila is a romantic at heart and doesn’t want to be with just any man. She wants to be in love or at least like the man she gives herself to but has the deadline of the upcoming day the troops come in and soldiers are Lila’s worse fear. When she meets Aleksey she doesn’t trust him and somewhat fears him but soon finds herself falling for him no matter how hard she tries to stay away.

This book is a coming of age story set in such a horrible environment that most of us couldn’t possibly imagine. The idea that it’s legal for men to just take whatever they want would certainly put fear into any woman let alone a teenage girl. A completely different world from what we know for the main character to navigate made this an engaging read.

Lila is mature beyond her years because of the society she lives in. She knows about sex and has even watched others but the idea of her actually doing it herself is still a scary thing. She’s seen rape and fears above anything else that it will happen to her which is touching to imagine what that would be like. She’s still a girl to an extant but blossoming upon becoming a woman and trying to find herself all throughout the story.

Overall, a well written emotional tale in a horrific environment about a young girl trying to find herself and love. Warning of some graphic content that may bother some on this one.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    • That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read about it. It got my curiosity up just wondering how the story would be done. Losing one’s virginity is something any female can relate to with the worries and pressures involved but to have this horrible society where women can just be taken and abused on top of it made for one unique coming of age story.

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