Rebound (Soulmates, #3) by Nicole Dykes

Rebound (Soulmates, #3)Rebound by Nicole Dykes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having been raised by his mother and grandmother, Ryan is a good guy and treats women with respect. His girlfriend Maddy has asked to wait for sex and he has no problem with that. When Ryan gets accepted on a full scholarship to Auburn and will be leaving the state he thinks that the best thing to do would be break up so the two don’t hurt each other. However when on break and visiting home Ryan meets up with Maddy and thinks the two have gotten back together. When Maddy breaks his heart he vows to give up dating.

Rebound is actually the third book in the Soulmates series but it’s the first of the series that I have read. The book read fine as a standalone as far as I could tell having not read the others. The only thing I think maybe it missed a bit that might have been in the others was the depth of Ryan and Maddy’s relationship. The first couple of chapters are basically their year together so having time passed that quickly it wasn’t really clear as to why Ryan felt so deeply for her as it just didn’t seem they’d even been together that much.

My other little critique would be there were several typos I noticed throughout in my copy which brought my rating down a bit too. Otherwise this would have probably scored four stars.

Overall, good, quick romance story from a male point of view.

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