Healing Love – A Mystery Romance by Paige Powers

Romance: Healing Love - A Mystery Romance: (Romance, Mystery, Mystery Romance, Romantic Suspense)Romance: Healing Love – A Mystery Romance: by Paige Powers
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Dr. Michael Randall works as a trauma surgeon. He has been dating another doctor at the hospital for quite some time and had plans of proposing but the plans were interrupted by an emergency at the hospital. Shortly after the two end up parting ways and Michael’s boss moves him to the coma ward at the hospital to have some cooling down time. Michael finds himself intrigued by a patient in the coma ward named Rachel that he tries to do everything for to bring her back.

Unfortunately I really don’t have anything good to say about this story. It seemed rather far fetched and unbelievable and read like a bad medical drama and I do mean very bad. Michael would win an award for the worst doctor ever in the first few chapters of the book which was a huge turn off to his character. He “saves” a patient in 15 minutes only to have complications that oh well, it’s the end of his shift so someone else can deal with it. He later loses a patient and tells someone to go inform the family, pretty sure that is always the doctor’s responsibility whether the news is good or bad.

Also, it felt like the author had random thoughts of let’s toss in this drama or that drama just to have something to include. For such a short read it was just way too much to jump from one thing to the next.

Overall, definitely not recommending to read this one.

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