My Stepbrother the Groom: A Romantic Comedy (Lexi’s Sexy Romantic Comedy Series Book 1) by Lexi Maxxwell

My Stepbrother the Groom: A Romantic Comedy (Lexi's Sexy Romantic Comedy Series Book 1)My Stepbrother the Groom: A Romantic Comedy by Lexi Maxxwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When Ella Roberts’ attends a wedding with her overly controlling mother Valerie she gets a text from her boyfriend telling her it’s over between them. After somewhat causing a scene by calling him back and yelling at him just before the wedding Ella heads to the bar to demand a drink. A handsome stranger, Nathan Hayes, gets the bartender to oblige Ella and has a brief conversation with her. Ella then declares to her sister she’s met the man she’s going to marry.

After the service Valerie introduces Ella to her fiance, which happens to be Nathan’s father. Not only is Ella’s mother planning to marry her new dream man’s father which would make them step-siblings but Nathan is also engaged to be married to Natasha and the two couples are planning a double ceremony in two months.

I honestly had a tough time in deciding how to rate this book. As a romance I think it failed horribly and some readers may be completely disappointed if they are expecting the typical two people meeting and falling in love romance. But on the other had it was funny, entertaining and kept me turning the pages throughout.

Ella was quite honestly a complete basket case throughout the story. She got it in her head that she felt something with Nathan she’d never felt before and that he just had to feel the same. Sometimes bordering on stalkerish tendencies with her complete obsession of her instant connection. That being said I kind of think of this like coming across an accident on the side of the road, you know you shouldn’t look but just end up having to do it anyway.

For myself though, I do like a wide variety of genres and I ended up completely entertained reading this story. I would warn though if looking for just romance this probably wouldn’t be for you. But if you would like a good laugh then this somewhat dysfunctional family, that could all use a bit of therapy, would probably give it to you.

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